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Get familiar with your ethereal oils in Kårby Organics products

Kårby Organics was founded by Jon Kårby, a Swedish skincare therapist, who decided to start his own brand in 2013 with the mission to make people feel good. The inspiration comes from nature and is the leading component in his collections of scented candles, reed diffusers and home mists

The wax from which the candles are made of is a blend of bee, carnauba, coconut wax and palm oil, which is from a small plantation in South America. It was a conscious decision to move away from other types of candles made of stearin, soy and paraffin and making it completely organic. The candles burn for about 60 hours and are hand poured in Strängnäs, a city in Södermanland.

The scents are inspired by nature and meant to take you back to a routine after a day in the world. Scents like Birch & Juniper has a deeper smell like smokey and leather. Then we have Lavender & Patchouli which is more herbal, flowery with hints of musk. Bog Myrtle & Sage is good for the bedroom and has a herbal and flowery scent. So take a lesson from the themes Relaxation, Harmony and Energy Range and cut back on your stress.


Birch: minty smell, helps blood circulation, natural detoxifier, reduces pain from migraine and headaches, looks after your scalp, helps regulate hormone levels

Bog Myrtle: natural insect repellent, helps with memory and concentration, relaxing properties, takes away skin wrinkles

Juniper: sweet woody smell, helps with insomnia, antibacterial properties, good for fighting skin irritations, antiseptic abilities, reduces stress and anxiety, helps with relaxing, insect repellent. Just a little extra note; the berry is a key ingredient to making gin

Lavender: most used oil today, helps against anxiety and emotional stress, improves brain function, helps with sleep, restore skin complexion, reduces acne, antioxidant protection, promoties healthy skin and hair, calming effect

Patchouli: sweet, musky and spicy aroma, antidepressant, stimulates hormones, strengthens hair and skin, reduces inflammation, helps against insomnia, bug repellent

Sage: helps with memory, treats menopausal symptoms, balances cholesterol, works to combat obesity

All natural product
It is amazing what nature can do for you so it is nice when we can give something in return. Kårby Organics is the only non-synthetic candlemaker on the market. Best is that you are not affecting the environment while keeping one of these lovelies burning. Do not forget to put the wooden lid back between uses so you do not lose keep a rich scent every time.

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